Horse Tail Pottery

The horse was a gift to the Indian brought to this continent by European explorers.  The bond forged between horse and rider was like no other.  Disturbed by the wars between the white man and the red man, the horse was compelled to tell the story of such frightening brutality.  Massacre after massacre, as the horse and rider fell, each animal painted its heartbreaking story by sweeping its tail through the fire and on to hot Indian pottery. An art like no other, each piece of pottery is pulled from a fiery kiln at 1800 degrees and touched with horse tail or mane hair.  The strands of hair warp and curl from the immense heat, transferring a permanent carbon image uniquely to the pottery.

Native Origins

Working in conjunction with museums and private collectors, artifact reproductions have been created to preserve the unspoken traditions of America’s First People. Native Works hand crafts pieces to represent various periods of Native American history.

Pine Needle Basketry

Indigenous people have created baskets from pine needles since the beginning of time. In this tradition, needles are handcollected from a combination of Long Leaf, Ponderosa, and Yellow Slash Pines. Baskets are woven using traditional Muscogee technique with contemporary accents expressing the artist’s creativity.

Fun & Functional Creations

These whimsical and functional creations bring original art into the home at an affordable price & sometimes they simply make us smile! In addition, Native Works gladly creates custom promotional items and awards upon request.